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Established in 2013 VKE Contractors Ltd is a dynamic and innovative construction solution specialist. Our principal areas of operation are Groundworks, RC Frames and Structural Alterations. We have a proven track record of successfully working in the most exacting work environments. From compact brownfield city sites to live retail stores to grade 2 listed buildings, we pride ourselves on repeat business. 

VKE has been operating in Europe since March 2017 and to date we have successfully completed a number of Data Centre projects in Germany, The Netherlands & Denmark.

Established in 2017 VKE Plant Ltd is our own in-house plant company. Based in Stratford, East London, we own a full range of excavators and breakers from 1.5T to 20T. We own a 42m mobile pump and several static pumps. We have invested heavily in Peri Trio wall formwork and Gas and Topec Decking formwork. Further to this, we own a vast array of dumpers, rollers, compressors, generators and all associated small tools.

What sets us apart

Our approach and values are key to our success and growth – the majority of which is through repeat business and continuing relationships. Our client base includes McLaren, Erith, Berkeley Group, Deconstruct, Mount Anvil, ISG, Weston Homes, Mercury, Yondr, E2, Bam, Skanska, Winthrop, Cablesheer, Hill, Engie, Collen, Fluor and Google.

We understand and recognise the philosophies that underpin our clients’ operations and believe our own approach and pride in our operations enable a positive project culture, open communication and a collaborative relationship.

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Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

working to the highest standards

We truly believe that continual engagement, training and upskilling of our workforce leads to high employee satisfaction and retention.

It also ensures that the workforce is well versed with the latest Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality standards, requirements and procedures which in turn drives continual improvement throughout the business.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our management system is UKAS ISO 45001 certified and is one of our core values. We continually commit to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers and those around us.

This is achieved through:

  • meticulous planning of works at both planning stage and construction stage
  • striving to eliminate risks at source
  • continual process innovation
  • the provision of high-quality leadership on our projects
  • the continual upskilling of our workforce through both formal and informal training

We recognise that our people are fundamental to our success – and that their wellbeing is a key driver.

We are committed to the Industry Charter for Building Mental Health and are committed to raising awareness about mental health and reducing the stigma associated with mental ill-health.  

We also actively promote healthy lifestyle choices to promote better all-round health. 

As a result, we are seeing a more effective, happy and productive workforce on our sites. 

Environment and Sustainability

Our environmental systems are embedded across all levels of our business through our UKAS ISO 14001 accredited Environmental management system.

We are environmentally conscious and invest in reducing pollution and waste and protecting the environment though:

  • Efficient plant and equipment selection
  • Sustainable material sourcing
  • Maintaining effective procedures
  • Sustainable usage of materials
  • Recycling

We also work in line with Project Specific Environmental and Site Waste Management Plans to ensure the highest possible sustainability standards and to ensure we exceed customer expectations.


We are committed to Zero Defect delivery and maintain our UKAS ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Quality Management System.

This is communicated and implemented at all levels with excellent controls, materials and people to achieve the best finishes.

We train our workforce on quality assurance and carry out joint quality inspections with interested parties to ensure quality construction ensuring hold points are properly implemented

We continually work with all our suppliers and contractors on the project to communicate and coordinate Quality Control Processes and Requirements throughout and ensure efficient handover of areas.

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