Preconstruction and construction, covered.

Laying A foundation for success

Striving To Be Brilliant Through Innovation

We are constantly looking at areas where we can improve through technical or process innovation, be it marginal gains and incremental changes or pivots through adopting and investing in the best available technology.

Our goal is to maintain a competitive edge that provides the best service and the highest quality product; whilst caring for the environment and the safety of all interested parties.

VKE’s specialised services include

Groundworks and Drainage

VKE Group has extensive experience in undertaking groundworks on commercial, residential and datacentre developments including:

  • Bulk Excavation
  • Shoring Systems
  • Contaminated Ground Disposal
  • Contaminated Ground Remediation
  • Enabling Works
  • Pile Mat Installation
  • Drainage Installation
  • Attenuation Tanks
  • Pre-Cast Manholes
  • Service Duct Installation
  • Pre-Cast Culvert Installation
  • Ground Water Management
  • Ground Beam Construction
  • Sheet Piling

Structural alterations

VKE Group has extensive experience in undertaking structural alteration works on commercial and residential developments including:

  • Installation of Temporary Works
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Structural Steel Installation
  • Formation of Builders
  • Work Holes
  • Slab Demolition
  • Door Formation
  • Door Infills
  • Brick/Blockwork
  • Roof Repairs

Reinforced Concrete Sub- and Superstructure Construction

Reinforced concrete substructure and superstructure construction sets the foundation for every project to rise to expectations. VKE Group are experts in:

  • Waterproofing
  • Pile Caps and Crane Bases
  • Raft Slabs
  • Concrete Lift Pits
  • Liner Walls
  • RC Walls and Columns
  • RC Cores
  • Jumpform Cores
  • Suspended Slabs
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs
  • In-situ Stairs

Hard Landscaping

Hardscaping takes careful planning and VKE Group are experts in the preparation and installation of permanent features that complement the architectural landscape in commercial and residential developments including:

  • Tarmac Roads
  • Kerbing
  • Paving
  • Section 278 Works
  • Signage

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