Tayfen Road


Weston Homes


£6 million

Project Type

Hard Landscaping

The project is in essence split over two phases, the first being the remediation of a contaminated site to enable the construction of 6 apartment blocks and 59 houses. The site remediation included the removal of a disused petrol station, including the purging of all the fuel tanks and treatment of all the petro-contaminated soils.

There is a diversion of the main stormwater sewer, consisting of 4 metres deep below ground culverts, headwalls, bridges, swales, below ground attenuation tanks and balancing ponds. Following this, the site then has full groundworks, including 300 metres of adoptable road, sewers and civils. The common areas are completed with a mixture of permeable, non-permeable and tarmac surfaced roads, parking bays and footpaths.

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